Secret Santa Generator (No EMail)

Step 1: Enter the number of participants

What is an online Secret Santa Generator?

An online Secret Santa is a software or a tool that generates Secret Santa pair names. The algorithm takes inputs like the name and number of participants from the user.

Based on the given input the Secret Santa Generator produces random pairs and reveals the Santa Names.

You can share the Secret Santa Names on WhatsApp with or without a personal note or invitation.

Some tools also set a budget for the gift with a note while generating the names. Which is later shared through email or WhatsApp

How to play Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular gift-giving tradition played during festivals like a fun game at several professional places, schools, and colleges.

  • To play Secret Santa, a group of friends participates and form pairs. Each pair agrees to send secret gifts to each other
  • Each pair sends gifts to each other. The pairs are assigned randomly using a Secret Santa generator
  • Now the participants send gifts to their assigned person which is later revealed on the festive date.
Secret Santa Generator
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