100 Top Fantasy Football Team Names: Weird, Inappropriate, Dirty, Funny 2024

Fantasy football is more than just a game. It is an emotional and big cultural event where millions of fans join together to support their teams.

And there could not be a better way to start a fantasy football season than by naming your team. And, when you add humour and creativity to your fantasy football team name, it adds extra charm to the season.

In this article, we are going to cover different names in multiple categories to name your favourite fantasy football team.

We will be covering different humorous and creative categories, like funny, weird, dirty, and inappropriate.

This way, you, as the reader, will get tons of ideas to name your fantasy football teams.

10 Top Weird Fantasy Football Team Names

A weird fantasy football team name can stand out and make people scratch their heads. As the name suggests, it will add an extra element of weirdness and an extra flavour of stupidity by adding fun elements to your name.

10 Best Weird Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas:

  1. Quizzical Quokkas: The name is inspired by the happy-looking, unusual animal, the quokka, Some twists make this name memorable.
  2. Funky Fungi: This is another weird name inspired by the subject of biology, with a bit of humor
  3. Galactic Geckos: For sci-fi lovers who also support a good reptile.
  4. Phantom Flamingos: Inspired by the tall, pinky flamingo bird, this name is a perfect fit in the category.
  5. Nebulous Narwhals: A go-to name with a mix of the mysterious and the mythical.
  6. Surreal Sloths: Ideal for a laid-back team owner with a taste for the bizarre.
  7. Mysterious Manatees: Adds an air of intrigue to the gentle sea creature.
  8. Perplexing Platypuses: Imagine something as weird as a mammal that lays eggs and has a bill like a duck.
  9. Oddball Otters: Cute yet weird, just like the animal itself.
  10. Bizarre Bumblebees: Mixing the everyday with the extraordinary.

Top 10 Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Deflated Balls: A name inspired by the infamous “Deflategate” scandal.
  2. Show Me Your TDs: A perfect name formed by playing on words to create a double meaning.
  3. Gronk’s Party Bus: A name that is inspired by and refers to Rob Gronkowski, known for his partying ways.
  4. Multiple Scorgasms: Another play on words, mixing football scoring with an adult theme.
  5. My Ditka In Your Butkus: The name refers to two famous football players in a not-so-subtle way.
  6. Victorious Secret: A twist on the famous lingerie brand.
  7. The Tight Ends: A combo of both a football term and a suggestive pun.
  8. The Brady Bunch: A name that refers to the famous TV show, with a nod to Tom Brady.
  9. Gurley Man: A name that refers to Todd Gurley with a playful twist.
  10. Wentz Upon A Time: Combining Carson Wentz’s name with a fairy tale phrase.

Top 10 Best Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

  • The Real Slim Brady: The name is a combo of a playful twist and the famous rapper’s name.
  • Run CMC: A name that refers to Christian McCaffrey and Run DMC, a famous rap group.
  • Baby Got Dak: The name combines the name of Dak Prescott and a famous Sir Mix-a-Lot song.
  • Hide and Zeke: A playful mix of the name of Ezekiel Elliott and the children’s game.
  • Dak to the Future: A name with a fun twist on the classic movie title.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles: The name refers to Blake Bortles and the famous cartoon.
  • The Walking Dez: A name that is a combination of the name of Dez Bryant and the popular TV show.
  • Mayfield of Dreams: A clever pun using the name of Baker Mayfield.
  • Golden Taint: A humorous twist on the name of Golden Tate.
  • How I Metcalf Your Mother: Combining the name of DK Metcalf and the popular TV show.

Best 10 Dirty Fantasy Football Team Names

  • Balls Deep: The name looks more suggestive. The “ball” in the end is good as a sport and humor
  • Pass the Blount: This name refers to LeGarrette Blount with a play on words related to smoking.
  • Fumbling Balls: A “yes” to a common football error with a mix of a dirty twist.
  • Sacks and Racks: Combining a football term by adding sexual appeal to it.
  • Playoff Beards: This name can refer to facial hair that makes you think of something dirty.
  • Touchdown My Pants: A playful twist that adds elements of a dirty twist to scoring in football.
  • Tight Ends and Loose Balls: A suggestive name with a combo of a football term.
  • The Big Gronkowski: The name refers to Rob Gronkowski with a sexual touch.
  • Deep Threats: A football term with a dirty twist adding double meaning to it.
  • Blitzed and Blown: Another name combining a football play and, at the same time adding a suggestive term.

80 More Examples of Fantasy Football Team Names

25 Weird Team Names: 2 words only

  1. Quantum Quails
  2. Digital Dodos
  3. Chromatic Cheetahs
  4. Ephemeral Elephants
  5. Virtual Vultures
  6. Cactus Garden
  7. Sloth Safari
  8. Funky Llama
  9. Quantum Quokkas
  10. Galactic Geckos
  11. Nebulous Narwhals
  12. Phantom Flamingos
  13. Mystic Moles
  14. Funky Fungi
  15. Bizarre Bumblebees
  16. Oddball Otters
  17. Cryptic Crickets
  18. Peculiar Puffins
  19. Strange Starlings
  20. Eccentric Eels
  21. Wacky Wombats
  22. Quizzical Quails
  23. Mysterious Manatees
  24. Freaky Frogs
  25. Enigmatic Emus

12 Weird Team Names: 3 words

  1. Galactic Jellyfish Attack
  2. Quantum Unicorn Jamboree
  3. Nebulous Platypus Parade
  4. Phantom Octopus Invasion
  5. Mystic Kangaroo Council
  6. Bizarre Penguin Orchestra
  7. Perplexing Walrus Brigade
  8. Whimsical Giraffe Summit
  9. Oddball Chinchilla Fiesta
  10. Astral Moose Festival
  11. Wacky Dolphin Extravaganza
  12. Insane Zebra Conclave

20 Inappropriate Team Names: 2 words

  1. Deflated Balls
  2. Show TDs
  3. Gronk Party
  4. Multiple Scorgasms
  5. Ditka Butkus
  6. Brady Bunch
  7. Touchdown There
  8. Luck Balls
  9. Private Touchdown
  10. Naughty Celebration
  11. Playbook Secrets
  12. Temptations Revealed
  13. Kaepernick Future
  14. Manziel Distress
  15. Drunk Dez
  16. Tight Ends
  17. Naughty Huddle
  18. Offensive Line
  19. Blitz Babes
  20. Scorgasmic Kings

10 Inappropriate Team Names: Multiple words

  1. Touchdown There
  2. Luck My Balls
  3. You Kaepernick The Future
  4. Manziel in Distress
  5. Drunk on Dez
  6. Show Me Your Touchdowns
  7. We Want Sacks and More
  8. Deflated Balls Scandal
  9. My Ditka In Your Butkus
  10. Brady’s Naughty Huddle

2 Words Dirty Team Names

  1. Balls Deep
  2. Fumbling Balls
  3. Sacks Racks
  4. Loose Balls
  5. Pass Blount
  6. Deep Threats
  7. Blitzed Blown
  8. Playoff Beards
  9. Ball Handlers
  10. Naughty Nature
  11. Penetration Plays
  12. Sack Masters
  13. End Seduction
  14. Scoring Sacks
  15. Naughty Temptations
  16. Touchdown Pants
  17. Sack Seduction
  18. End Fantasies
  19. Naughty Blitz
  20. Tight End

21 Dirty Fantasy Football Team Names: Multiple Words

  1. Legion of Boom Boom
  2. Cooper Troopers
  3. Balls Deep in the Endzone
  4. Fumbling Balls Everywhere
  5. Sacks and Racks United
  6. Tight Ends and Loose Balls
  7. Pass the Blount and Score
  8. Deep Threats Unleashed
  9. Playoff Beards of Glory
  10. Touchdown My Pants Now

2 Words: Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Slim Brady
  2. Dak Future
  3. Ninja Bortles
  4. Hide Zeke
  5. Run CMC
  6. Baby Dak
  7. Mayfield Dreams
  8. Walking Dez
  9. Golden Taint
  10. Metcalf Mother
  11. Brady Bunch
  12. Stairway Evans
  13. Akers Mark
  14. Cobra Kyler
  15. Rudolph Reindeer
  16. Goff Balls
  17. Prayer Squad
  18. Boom Boom
  19. Cooper Troopers
  20. Inglorious Staffords

10 Funny Team Names: Multiple words

  1. Cobra Kyler
  2. Goff Balls
  3. The Real Slim Brady Again
  4. Dak to the Future Returns
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  6. Hide and Zeke Sequel
  7. Run CMC for Touchdowns
  8. Baby Got Dak Power
  9. Mayfield of Dreams Come True
  10. The Walking Dez Again

Why Team Names Matter

A fantasy football team name is more than just a name. On the other hand, if you choose a good name for your fantasy football team, it can help in multiple ways. A good name can represent your stratsuggestive;emotions, creativity, humor, and whatnot.

As mentioned earlier, a good name for your team can help you in many ways. Here are some of the key points:

The right name of your team can help you set the tone, which in the end also helps set your attitude and represents it through your given team name. A good name can set the tone, mood, and attitude.

If you are a little creative and want to add a little humor by adding some fun elements to the name, a team with a funny name can become a talking point among league members.

Believe it or not, a strategic name given to your football team can intimidate your opponents. Therefore, a strong and bold team name can give you psychological benefits over others.

How to choose the perfect fantasy football team name?

It is always handy to use any tool to create your own name for your team. But you can choose a good name using your skills and humor.

This way, you make sure to add a personal touch to the name. To make a perfect name, you need to follow some tips. Following these tips can help you come up with a good fantasy football team name.

Here are some important tips that you can follow to name the right fantasy football team:

  • While naming, it is very important to consider your interests. So, before you name your team, it is important to consider your hobbies, favourite movies, TV shows, or music.
  • If you want to add some fun elements to your name and make it memorable, it is important to use puns and wordplay. Some good wordplay can make a perfect name that is not just funny but also memorable.
  • Another important tip that you can consider is using popular player names for your team name. Doing so will make sure to add relevance and humour to your team’s name.
  • You can play with the name by mixing and matching. So, consider adding different categories, like a favourite animal and any suitable football term
  • It is also important to consider the culture of your team before picking a name. A name chosen with the culture intact can make a perfect team name.
  • Last but not least, you can use technology to name a perfect fantasy football team name. You can get help from applications like chatGPT to come up with the right name. For this, you need to be a little creative while writing your prompt on chatGPT.
  • In case you are still struggling to find a good name, you can use different fantasy football team name generators. One we have on this website is our team name generator. These generators can help you get good names at the click of a button. You can choose different categories to pick the best name for your team.


Choosing a good name is a very important part of the fantasy football season. You need to be a little creative while choosing a perfect name under different categories, including weird, inappropriate, dirty, or funny team names.

You can use any online generator to choose the perfect team name. We have also listed some creative and unique fantasy football team names in the categories mentioned categories.

You can use our generators to come up with hundreds of innovative team name ideas.

A good name is enough to set the tone for the season and also helps bring out the culture of the team. Choosing a team name is always fun and when you pick the right one, it adds extra charm to the game.

You need to follow the tips that we have already shared on their page for a good football team name. Always, remember your audience, culture, and attitude towards your team before picking a suitable name. A good team name is the starting point for success.

And, there are multiple benefits attached to choosing a perfect name that we have already covered in our guide. I hope our in-depth article has helped you pick the best name.

If you find a suitable team name for your team, make sure to comment on that name. We would be more than happy if you could share a few words about our hard work behind writing this article.

We wish you great luck with choosing the right fantasy football team name. Have a great time!

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